Advertiser Agreement

Payment Terms

The advertiser agrees to pay in full the costs associated with the advertising services requested, before any designing or displaying of any advertisments. Payment can be made by

Advertising Duration

All advertising periods begin on the first date of display, for a duration of 1 continuous calendar month, or 30 continuous calendar days, whichever is greater.

Interruptions of Service

At the sole discretion of the Community Kiosk Network, any interruption of displaying of advertisements, will result in either a partial refund or the extension of said services for 1 day for every day the service was unavailable for any reason.


Refunds are at the sole discretion of the Community Kiosk Network. If a discount has been applied for prepayment of multiple months and the advertiser wishes to cancel before the term is complete, the discount they received will be deducted off of any refund.


Once the advertising term has begun, there will be no cancellation of the current 30 day term. Multiple monthly terms may be cancelled and refunded, minus any penalties, at the end of any 30 day term.

Ad Design & Changes

The advertiser may submit their own designs via email, provided in the appropriate dimensions and in a JPG or PNG format. Animated GIF's will not be accepted. If the advertiser wishes to have the Community Kiosk Network design an advertisement for them, the advertiser will provide all requested ad content. Ads submitted may take up to 48 hours for designing, and up to 24 hours for changes or ad approval before displaying on the network.

Ad Refusal

The Community Kiosk Network retains the right to refuse to display any advertisement for any reason. Advertisements will be automatically rejected if they break Canadian Laws, if they contain illegal, slanderous, abusive or hateful content.

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